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Founded in 1957 as a manufacturer of ready-made leather and fur clothing and fur clothing and accessories, the Albertini family is rapidly advancing to the position of the leader of the sector today.
Over the years, Albertini Company has risen to an elite position in the luxury fashion industry. Our goal is to reflect the current trends in the world with our unique collections and to identify new ones to enter new avant-garde areas.

As a global brand, we strive to attract the attention of our customers through the value we place on luxury products and our unconditional interest in product presentation. At Albertini Company, we aim to offer exceptional product quality, primary outlets and authentic pricing. We make sure that all of our products meet these important and highly valued requirements.
We have managed to build a strong customer base with a wide range of products. We believe it is very important to maintain true long-term bonds with the customer. Our goal is to supply life.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our customers are our crown jewel. One of the main components of keeping satisfaction high is after-sales service.

Our customers experience first-hand what it means to be part of the Albertini family. To maintain these valuable relationships, we take care to know who our customers are and constantly update them on who we are. Carefully considered events promote our collections and communicate our core beliefs.

With an experienced team of designers and the talented support of our own R&D department, Albertini Company has succeeded in inspiring countless international brands. Our design team tries to create various collections by focusing primarily on the needs and preferences of customers.